• From the Heart

    I think the first time I heard the phrase “History only describes you, it does not define you” was from Rob Bell. It’s not dismissing one’s history and past but to remind us that our future does not have to be dictated by our past. At the time of writing this, all we have to… Continue Reading

  • My Finale

    So we’re on the move again. It’s goodbye to Southern California and hello to Texas. Or maybe it’s “Howdy” to Texas? We have been blessed and grateful to spend the last four years in Santa Barbara. There’s no city like it. My wife’s pretty upset with me that we have to exchange the shores of… Continue Reading

  • Why?

    Jordan: Hey honey, I’m home! You know, you should lock your door there’s horrible people out there. Dr. Cox: There’s horrible people right in here. There have been two common threads in comments folks have made about us moving to Texas: 1) Congratulations and 2) a warning about the racism in Texas, ranging from the… Continue Reading

  • 10 Years!!

    (The cover photo was our view from our first apartment in Hawaii) 10 years!! We got married 10 years ago!! 10 years! It went by so fast. I’m looking forward to next year, where our anniversary won’t coincide with Annual Conference as it has been for the first 10. Thank you for your love, friendship,… Continue Reading

  • Racism and a Christian University

    He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. – Muhammad Ali If you can, please take time to read a post that was written by my friend Dae. Maybe you’ll roll your eyes at this post and the point Dae’s trying to make. Maybe you’ll be saddened or angered. Maybe you’ll… Continue Reading

  • Float Like a Butterfly…

    I did not know a death of someone whom I never met could affect me so much. I sat glued to Sportscenter for 2 hours watching them cover the death of Ali. Growing up, I was particularly obsessed with 3 athletes: Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee, and Muhammed Ali. I discovered Lee and Ali when I… Continue Reading

  • Contemporary is Relative

    I’m sitting at the French Press in Goleta finalizing my sermon notes while listening to Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book. It’s on shuffle play and it went from Same Drugs (one of my favorites from the album — and listen to it before you make your snap judgment. It’s not about drugs) to How Great which uses the, often overplayed,… Continue Reading