10 Years!!

(The cover photo was our view from our first apartment in Hawaii)

10 years!!
We got married 10 years ago!!

Look how young we look! This was taken in 2005




10 years!
It went by so fast.
I’m looking forward to next year, where our anniversary won’t coincide with Annual Conference as it has been for the first 10.

Thank you for your love, friendship, dedication, support, and all those times that you had to open a can of whoop ass on me.

I am who I am because of you.
You make me feel like I can accomplish anything and everything.
To my wife, my best friend, my better half, to¬†the mother of… Dragons and the Breaker of Chains..
Thank you for the past decade that was filled with love.
I love you.
And may our coffins be built of 100 year old wood, and may we plant the trees tomorrow!


One thought on “10 Years!!

  1. Sigh, we were all young once… Happy 10th anniversary! My wife and I celebrated our 10th last June 12. Our wedding was presided by a Methodist pastor and a Catholic priest.

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