One Way Ticket

We went straight to dinner with the wife’s pastor and his family after being picked up at the airport.
It wasn’t until we were in the lobby of Olive Garden that it really struck me — that flight from LAX to Hobby Houston was a one way ticket.
I felt a wave of emotions flooding over me as N was chattering away about getting a new bike in Houston and the wife was engaged in conversations with her pastor.
The dang dust in the waiting area of Olive Garden irritated my eyes.
I was far from what I used to call home.

But this was going to my new home.
Texas, we have arrived.
And I can’t say enough of how welcoming and hospitable people have been.
They sure made the huge transition a lot more easier.

I’m still trying to figure out my regular routine. At the moment of typing this, all of our belongings have not arrived yet. As fate would have it– all the things we need are still in the other truck. And I’ve been playing phone tag with Mayflower trying to pin down an ETA of when our things would here. Things will begin to become normal once we move in. We got Internet installed, so that’s good. Though it took 5 hours to do so..

But here’s what I learned so far about life in Texas:

  • It’s hot. And humid. Oh my Lord, it’s hot.
  • No one says “the” in front of the names of freeways and highways. It’s just “45” or  “518”. I guess it really is just the Californians that says “the 405”, “the 101”, “the 23″…
  • Most of the people here have southern accents.
  • Did you know that ESPN Radio in Houston talks a lot about Houston sports? I don’t care about the Rockets or Texans…
  • A lot of folks have their car windows tinted. I understand why.
  • It’s hot. Did I mention that?
  • There are no mountains. Everything’s so flat.
  • Killen’s BBQ has changed my life…
  • It’s hot. and humid.

It’s been great getting to know the people and staff of the church.
It’s been great exploring the city and finding my second and third offices (Pearland Roasters and, of course, Starbucks).

I’m excited to be part of what God is doing through FUMC of Pearland.
There’s an adventure to be had, for sure. And I’m ready.

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