It’s been almost a month.
You’re hot. Not in the flattering way. In the, you-make-me-feel-uncomfortable-and-my-pits-sweaty way. (… maybe that could be flattering…)

I wait for the day when I can echo the heart of Tim Riggins in saying:

And it will come.

In the mean time, it’s been… busy.
Every aspect of our lives have been in transition.
We’re still moving in — and that’s been a story in of itself.
I’m desperately counting down the days when school will start so that we won’t a have 4ft shadow with us everywhere we go.
As for church,
I went from a church worshipping 50ish to a church worshipping 800ish.
I went from a church where I was the only pastor and had 2 part time staffers (office administrator and church musician) to a church with a much, much bigger staff.

I’m learning new names and getting to know new people and hearing new stories.
I’m getting to explore Pearland and the coffee it has to offer (shout out to Pearland Coffee Roasters. A little more expensive than my beloved French Press — but man, their Iced Vanilla Latte is addictive…)

It’s been great. It’s been fun. It’s been educational. (For instance, don’t knock Whataburger to Texans…)

And it’s rained more in a week than in the 4 years I lived in Santa Barbara.

But in all of the transitions, I still haven’t found a rhythm to life here yet.
We’re moving from one thing to the next to the next to the next.
There’s a dance to ministry.
There’s a dance to life.
And my life right now reflects my actual dancing skills: rhythmless; awkward; someone might get hurt. Think Elaine Benes. A visual reminder if you’ve forgotten:

This is not a complaint but an observation.
And something that was expected and anticipated.
You can’t expect life to stay the same in the midst of changes.

However, I hesitate in saying I’m looking for a routine. Routines have a way of taking life out of what we do — just informing us on the how we do things while helping us forget the why we do things.

I want to avoid being a mindless drone; a pure human doing.
I want to avoid mistaking routine for commitment.

I’m just looking for… ways to be a better dancer.

I’m pretty sure I meant that figuratively… because exhibit A:


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