It’s no longer a secret that I watch (and like) WWE and professional wrestling.
Much to the dismay of my parents (and, perhaps, wife), I did not grow out of it.

In fact, I started showing N some clips here and there.
And to the surprise of no one, he actually likes watching wrestling.

Well, not all of it.
He particularly likes watching the intro of Enzo Amore and Big Cass:

I never watched NXT so when these guys showed up on Raw (clip from above), I was instantly hooked.
I usually fast forward through a lot of Raw but always stop and watch whatever they’re doing.
N does too. And it tickled me when he started to follow along with what Cass and Enzo were saying.

(I was legitimately sad when Hogan and Macho Man broke up.
I was legitimately sad when Shawn Michaels super kicked Michael Jannetty thereby ending the Rockers.
I was like 8-12 when those events happened.
But I’m going to be legitimately sad when the writers eventually split Enzo and Cass.)

Raw was coming to town. I never saw a WWE event live. I’ve always wanted to. Figured this was a great chance for both N and I to check it out.

It was a tough start. The pyrotechnics completely scared N. He looked at me and said, “All done. Ready to go home now.” We were 2 minutes into a 3 hour show.
But he eventually started to enjoy it.
He was thoroughly over his fears once he saw Bayley’s intro and the Air Dancers. Then he was thoroughly enjoying himself after we got popcorn.
“I not scared no more. I so excited!”

Then Enzo and Cass did their thing (near the end of the show). And he could not contain his excitement.
“Big Cass! Can I give Big Cass hugs and kisses? Big Cass come to my house!”

In fact, that last 10 minutes of the main event was so crazy, I forgot N was with me.
We had a blast. It was a really good experience. The people around us were great. The guy next to us had a Money in the Bank Suitcase and he looked over to N and said, “I’m going to cash in my suitcase and wrestle you for your championship belt.” (I bought N a belt).
N looked at him and said, “I not scared.” (What he meant was he was no longer scared of the fireworks and the loud noises, but still, a perfect response.”
To which the guy and everyone around him laughed in delight.
“Never mind, you are a certified G!”

Just for the heck of it, I emailed WWE about how great of a time we had and how much my boy loves Cass and Enzo. They responded that they were glad that we had a great time and that they’ll send N an autographed picture of Enzo and Cass.

It was a fun and cool experience and wouldn’t mind going to another show.

N saying “bye” to the wrestlers going back to the locker room
Version 2
Certified G

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