Fox News… At It Again

I mean, what is there to say?
I think of all those (white) people who were offended when I would say that Fox News tends to lean on the side of racism.

Sure. Jimmy Kimmel does something similar to this called Lie Witness News.

And Jay Leno did something like this on his Tonight Show called Jay Walking.

But here’s the thing: I mean, I can’t speak on their behalf, but I’m pretty sure Jimmy and Jay would never call themselves a journalist. And that their show isn’t there to inform but to entertain.

Here’s the other thing: Jay and Jimmy exploit ignorance.
O’Reilly and Watters are exploiting stereotypes of Asian Americans. And doing it unashamedly.
Karate is not Chinese. It’s Japanese.
Then he goes to a Tae Kwon dojang. Tae Kwon Do is not Chinese. It’s Korean.
Seemingly, Watters thought process is: if they have yellow skin, slanted eyes, black hair– It’s Chinese.
The amount of stereotypes that went into this segment…
And remember, this is a news program from a news network. I assume O’Reilly would call himself a journalist/reporter long before he’d call himself a comedian.

It still goes to show that it’s okay to mock, ridicule, and stereotype Asians in the media. Remember the Oscars? The #Oscarsowhite? And then Chris Rock (whom I love) goes and with all this talk about diversity, makes a disparaging joke about Asians?

Which is why I really appreciated how the Netflix show Luke Cage (we’re only halfway in the season — no spoilers, please) portrays Luke’s Asian landlords. No Asian accent. Just… as if they’ve lived in the States for a long time, trying to make a living in New York.

And kudos for Bill O’Reilly for being impressed that Asians living in the States are aware of the presidential elections. Who would’ve thunk it?



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