“Our Church”

Ever since N came into our lives, on Sunday morning there was always “JoJo’s Church” and “Ray Ray’s Church” which later became “Mommy’s Church” and “Daddy’s Church.”
Most of the time, he went to church with me because the Wife’s church in California was reaching out to college students and didn’t really have a need for a nursery.

When we moved out here, I felt that N would be better off coming to church with me on Sunday mornings for various reasons. Besides, he’s been accustomed to going to “Daddy’s Church” on Sundays. Texas or California, our Sunday morning routine is still the same – except now donuts (and sometimes kolaches) are involved.

Well, the great news is that my wife is now the Missions Coordinator for my church — meaning we’re working at the same church now.

This has been a great blessing to us in more ways than you can imagine and it’s not just limited to being at the same church.

We’ve been explaining to N that Mommy is going to be working at Daddy’s church now.

N and I still have our same Sunday morning routine, since I get to church far earlier than the wife needs to get there. So as he and I were driving to church this past Sunday, N says to me, “We are going to our church today.”

It was surprising to hear that on so many levels.
One, I didn’t think he’d really get that we were all at the same church until he physically saw her at the church. Two, I didn’t know he that knew that Mom+Dad+N = Our. And it was incredibly touching to hear him say “our church.”

So the first time ever in his life, we all go to the same church on Sundays.
It’s been almost 4 years since the wife and I were at the same church.
And not gonna lie, it was good to have the 3 of us at the same campus.

It was real nice.
Well, that is until we got home and she started with, “So, about that sermon…”

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