• It’s Been 3 Years…

    For the life of me — I couldn’t tell you the anniversary of our first date or our first kiss or things of that matter. I know our Wedding Anniversary, and really isn’t that the one that matters the most? So it wasn’t surprising that it was through the Time Hop app that I learned… Continue Reading

  • Me, Too (and Sho Baraka)

    I believe that one of the most powerful phrases in the known universe is “me, too.” There is an instant connection when someone has gone/is going through the struggles you are experiencing. Someone said it’s difficult to relate to someone based on successes. Success tends to breed competition and even contempt. And success isn’t universal… Continue Reading

  • Food For Thought

    From The Divine Dance by Richard Rohr: Sin is the state of being closed down, shut off, blocked, and thus resisting the eternal flow that we’re meant to be. By a hardened heart or a cold spirit, by holding another person apart in hatred, you’ve thus cut yourself off from the flow. … Sin is always a refusal… Continue Reading

  • Powerless

    At the time of writing this, it’s Saturday and I just finished my last touches on the sermon. I’m finishing up this awesome latte and there’s a angst that’s welling up within my heart. As I try to put down the thoughts in my head into actual words, I realize that I’m far more part of the… Continue Reading