At the time of writing this, it’s Saturday and I just finished my last touches on the sermon. I’m finishing up this awesome latte and there’s a angst that’s welling up within my heart. As I try to put down the thoughts in my head into actual words, I realize that I’m far more part of the problem than the solution.

I feel that, perhaps, we American Christians are far more afraid of being powerless than standing with the powerless (paraphrased from Richard Rohr).

I think we’re more comfortable with the ideals of an Empire;
I think we would rather choose someone like Barabbas;
I think we seek for a Constantine…

rather than seek mercy;
rather than embody sacrificial love;
I think the servanthood and humility of Jesus is really uncomfortable and maybe we view it as unrealistic — unproductive, even. Maybe it’s that we’re impatient. We have a history of being impatient with God’s methods — from the Golden Calf to Barabbas to the happenings of today. I think we have been seduced by the idea that strength comes in power; that violence solves problems in a desired time frame and manner;  that the golden rule is, really, whoever has the most gold rules.

Instead, I must remind myself that true power comes from the strength of love and from the strength to love– sacrificial love at that.

Ironically, I believe the power we seek from God only comes when we are powerless. It is in being in a state of powerlessness that we find God. And maybe that’s why, throughout the Bible, we see God working with those who do not have power — calling out those who have power and how they may have taken the wrong path. And maybe that’s why all the successful prophets ended up dead…
But we find God’s strength made perfect in our weakness…

…but hey, what the hell do I know? I could be completely wrong and could be the one missing the point…


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