I wanted to take a minute to reach out about an organization that has my heart: Tirzah International.

We got connected with Tirzah when we were living in Valencia, CA. My wife had the privilege of going to Burundi, Africa to personally meet the women who were being empowered to change their world.
Her experience left an indelible imprint on her heart and her passion for Tirzah left a mark on me.
I also hope to go to Africa and meet the women Tirzah works with one of these days…

I’ve been sharing things about Tirzah throughout this month on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I’d like to invite you to join us and to be a part of the generosity movement of Giving Tuesday this year!

Tirzah International partners with women leaders in their own nations to combat poverty, exclusion from education, modern-day slavery, HIV/AIDS, and violence against women and girls. We do this by helping women increase their security by earning more income, by addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds they carry, and by cultivating and equipping advocates who are willing to use their voices, skills, talents, and influence to work for gender equality and justice.This Giving Tuesday, I hope you will consider joining us! Giving Tuesday is such an incredible opportunity to kick off the holiday season with giving back as we consider what we’re thankful for and what thoughtful gifts we can give to those we love. May you find unity and joy in coming together with others in the network to give generously to the good work of fighting injustice which has been placed before us all.

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