Not just a pretty phrase but also a lifestyle; a positive aptitude towards life; a philosophy of happiness; a happy way to live that simply says IMPOSSIBLE TO BE BETTER IN THIS LIFE! — from a t-shirt

sunset in Tamarindo. No Filter.

Breathe. And be…

That’s something that’s quite often taken for granted… and something that takes a little while to be reintroduced to.

Life is about rhythm. And keeping a certain rhythm going. Work. Rest. Rest. Work. Work. Rest.
But often, we let our lives get out of rhythm. Too much work.
And you work, work, work — and that becomes your life; your identity; your rhythm.
We may know how to take physical rest. But not many of us take time to get spiritual rest.

This week in Costa Rica — it was rest for my soul.
A week to just… be.
To let my life reset and to rediscover the rhythm to life that gives life.

How can one possibly stress out spending a week in Costa Rica?
The goal was to

Now I think I just want to retire here.
Because I find myself not wanting to leave.
Once, I was coming home from a vacation and as the plane landed — I really didn’t want to come off the plane. I was really unhappy with where I was in ministry and my heart was filling with anxiety with the thought of stepping back on to the campus.
This time, I just don’t want to leave Costa Rica. Of course, being from Hawaii — I know that the Costa Rica I saw is how I presented my room “cleaned” to my mom: everything dirty under the bed and in the closet. I know nothing deeper than the tourist spots we enjoyed.

But with my ignorance in mind, if I were to retire today, I’d choose Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Teach N. to hustle selling souvenirs to tourist on the beach. Maybe open a small business selling coffee. Open our tiny homes for pastors and church leaders who need a break from ministry… yea…

I also met some great people. One couple had started a house church working with Francis Chan. It’s been intriguing to hear their story and the things that their house churches are doing. And something about what they are doing feels right in my soul. I have a lot to chew on, digest, discern, and learn. I have this feeling in my soul that full-time ministry and the mega-church model ministry is on it’s way out. I have a feeling “going to” church will give way to being in community in Christ with sisters and brothers. Francis Chan and those who are starting and involved in house churches — something about that seems so appealing and… right to me. Let’s see where God leads these thoughts.

What a blessing it has been to be here for a week and how grateful we are for friends to invite us out here.

I do miss our son and I can’t wait to see him.

But for now, I’m enjoying a nice cup of iced coffee with JAY Z soundtracking the sunset.

I can’t help but overwhelmed with gratitude towards God as I soak up every minute of this time of rest.

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