2018, It’s a New Year

I, for one, was glad that 2017 was coming to an end.
I had a real difficult time trying to get into the Christmas/Advent season.
In all my years of doing this professionally, I’ve never struggled before the way I struggled coming up with a Christmas Eve sermon.
I think I ended up writing 5 different sermons, the 5th and final one still being worked through as I walked up to the pulpit.

Looking back, I think my Advent season was drenched with frustration — instead of anticipation.
And the Wife and the Boy were the ones keeping me grounded and sane — helping me focus on the things I should be focusing on rather than being swallowed up by frustrations.
To cap off the frustrating month, we all ended up with the flu and the flu decided to pick on me the most.

But. New year,  aaaaaannnnd it’s already maddening.
I’m having a difficult time reconciling those Evangelical Leaders and how they fully (and blindly, in my opinion) throw their support behind POTUS. Look, I’d accept the fact that someone supports Trump for being Trump– I have friends that do. In fact, one of my friends thinks that Trump is being too soft and not outspoken enough. I definitely disagree, but I can respect him for what he chooses to believe.
I’d understand those who support Trump because they want to remain loyal to the GOP. But I can’t understand those who support Trump using Christian values; those who refer to him as the Christian candidate; some who go as far as saying that this was all part of God’s plan and it’s been foretold. I’ll never understand it. I’ll never be able to reconcile how a big part of the evangelical movement is forgiveness of sins and those Evangelicals who support a man that claims he doesn’t need to ask for forgiveness from God.

I’m curious to see how the Evangelical leaders who wholly supported Trump because he is God’s candidate react to the whole shithole comment.
Funnily enough, this week’s Lectionary text is from John where Philip invites Nathanael to come see this Jesus and I’ve seen several pastors and leaders paraphrase Nathanael’s response: “Nazareth! Can anything good come from that shithole?”

But in quoting Michelle Obama — when they go low, we go high.
And quoting John Cena, I need to rise above the hate.
So, I’m really going to take a question Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. asked to heart this year:

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?”


On a minor personal note, my blog got a minor facelift. It’s still in working progress, though I suspect knowing me, it’ll stay like this for most of 2018. I also got a new logo thanks to our Texas Annual Conference’s Social Media director, Sydnie Mares. Whether for personal or church/ministry or work purposes, Sydnie is an awesome person to work with and I’d recommend her.

My brother and his wife moved to Houston so the Yoo clan is now all in Houston, Texas. This could spell trouble. I’m looking forward to it.

I suspect that this year might be difficult.
But I anticipate this year to be full of joy, love, grace, and God.
This year will ultimately be what I make it to be. So, let’s make it a good one.

One thought on “2018, It’s a New Year

  1. The relationship between evangelicals and POTUS is very strange to me. I hated our only choice for top man/woman were who they were. I was as shocked as Hillary at the outcome. The environment we live in now really makes each of one of us incredibly essential to our sphere of influence. BElieve in THE GOOD. God can make good out of something bad, if we “Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as ever you can.”

    Does this ring a note of similarity of the church leaders to the blogpost “When do you know Jesus has left your church?”

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