How I Do Ministry: Andrew

I’ve always been curious of how other pastors and church leaders work. So I shamelessly ripped of’s How I Work series and began to ask other church leaders questions about their work. 

Andrew Conard

Short Bio:
My wife, Nicole, and I are United Methodist elders serving in the Great Plains Annual Conference. I am currently appointed to First UMC El Dorado and Nicole works in the Great Plains Conference office. Our son is in first grade and our daughter is in kindergarten. I am currently training for a half marathon and enjoy family game nights.

Location: El Dorado, KS

Your Ministry: Preacher at First UMC El Dorado

One word that describes  you work: Methodical

Current mobile device iPhone 6S

Current computer/laptop iMac at church; MacBook Pro at home

Connect with Andrew:

Describe a recent work day:

The usual week day for me is an early morning for spiritual disciplines, getting breakfast and children ready for school with Nicole, after they off to school I go for a run, and then head to the church. I only live a few blocks away, so I’m usually home for lunch, then back at it until evening or, if Nicole is traveling, picking up our kids from school.

Gadgets/apps/tools that you cannot live without:

iPhone, Things, YouVersion, Spark Post, WordPress, Pages, Photos

What’s your workspace set up like?

I do the majority of my work from my office at church, however also work 1 day a week from my home office.

Best short-cut; life hack you use

The Things Inbox is my friend. Any random idea, task or contact that I think of gets recorded there and then processed in my weekly review (GTD FTW)

How do you keep track of what you have to do

Things on my desktop and mobile device. (

What’s one of the least favorite aspects of what you have to do

One of the least favorite aspects of what I have to do is responding to chronic crankiness and general grumpiness that seems to be part of the lives of some individuals in the congregation and community.

Passion/Side project of yours?

I enjoy taking photos and using them to make verse images. I am currently working on a side hustle at Also, 2018 is the year that I am working to capture 1 second of video every day in my life ( I also intend to get writing at  my website ( one of these days.

What gives you joy about your work

I am love helping individuals take the next step in their life with God – growing deeper in love with God and neighbor. Also, helping the congregation and conference become a healthier organization so that we can be more effective. about equipping individuals and organizations to take the next faithful step in their life with God and each other.

Currently reading / or anything you’d recommend one to read

I am currently reading The Little House series with our children at bed time, helping them read every day and enjoying articles in The New Territory Magazine ( and KLC Journal (

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