How I Do Ministry: Bishop Jones

I’ve always been curious of how other pastors and church leaders work. So I shamelessly ripped of’s How I Work series and began to ask other church leaders questions about their work. 

Bishop Scott J. Jones

Short Bio:
Born in Tennessee, raised in Illinois, Indiana and Colorado, marrying a Kansan—I don’t know where I am from. I am the husband of Mary Lou, father of three married children, grandfather of five, United Methodist elder, sometime pastor, sometime seminary professor, longtime Wesley scholar and now bishop joyfully serving the Texas Conference

Location: Houston, Texas

Your Ministry: Bishop of the Texas Annual Conference

Current computer/laptop: Microsoft surface

Bishop Jones’s website:
Extreme Center

Describe a recent work day:
Meetings with conference leaders, meetings with community leaders, answering correspondence (snail mail and email) writing sermons, writing an article for the website, conducting a webinar about conference decisions.

Gadgets/apps/tools that you cannot live without:
My laptop computer and iPad for reading

What’s your workspace set up like?
My office window has a beautiful view of downtown Houston, with comfortable chairs and table for meetings. But I work remotely since I travel so much

Best short-cut; life hack you use:
My administrative assistant knows everything in my professional life and keeps me on track

How do you keep track of what you have to do?
I keep a todo list to remember all my projects and commitments.

What’s one of the least favorite aspects of what you have to do?
Disciplining clergy misconduct

Passion/Side project of yours?
Bicycling and skiing (both water and snow)

What gives you joy about your work:
Seeing God work in the ministry of others

Currently reading/ or anything you’d recommend one to read:
L. Gregory Jones, Christian Social Innovation: Renewing Wesleyan Witness 


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