How I Do Ministry: Andy

I’ve always been curious of how other pastors and church leaders work. So I shamelessly ripped of’s How I Work series and began to ask other church leaders questions about their work. 

Andy Mattick

Short Bio:
I am a bit of a mutt – my father is a retired UMC pastor/DS and I lived in 13 houses in my first 18 years. My parents divorced when I was 12 and my blended family has brought richness to me. While I was at SMU (studying Computer Science) I received my call in to ministry. I had been reluctant to embrace a call to ministry – that had always been my Dad’s business. God had other plans. I met my wife on the first day of seminary. We explored and embraced ministry opportunities in SoCal while in school. We have now been married and in ministry in this conference for 17.5 years. I have served in Desert Hot Springs, Long Beach, Malibu, and Simi Valley. For the last 5.5, Camille and I have been on the same staff. We have two children – 15 and 12. My passions outside of worship are running, cycling, storytelling, movies, muscial theater and music – each as both a fan and participant.

Location (city/state): 
Simi Valley, CA

Your Ministry (position/title): Lead Pastor, Simi Valley UMC

One word that describes how you work: Flexibility

Current mobile device: iPhone 7

Current computer/laptop: Lenovo Yoga Pro3 tablet/laptop

Connect with Andy:
Andy is not much of a blogger, but his written journal thinks he’s a wonderful writer.

Describe a recent work day:
As a father, my day started with getting my kids up for school and out the door to start their day. I had the opportunity to run with my training partner, getting in 30 minutes before showering and heading into the office by 8:45. I am immediate email message checker. While I have email pushed to my phone, I use Gmail’s labs to organize and pre-sort my inbox. Most bulk emails and many work related emails are redirected out of the main inbox so that my phone is not perpetually buzzing. After checking emails, I developed my bulletin and worship notes for the coming Sunday. This process relies on long term planning and short term effort. We tend to work from a 4-6 month preaching calendar for teaching pastor and basic themes and texts. At Simi we use the lectionary and can avail ourselves of the wide variety of lectionary based resources. My worship work takes about an hour. It includes reflection on the music and liturgy for the day as well as specific needs for campus and church life programming. When my front office assistant arrives, I usually will return phone message and do followup.
On the specific day I am reporting, one such message was the hospitalization of a church member. I finished up my digital workload and drove the 5 minutes to our local hospital  and visiting approximately 30 minutes with  our member. The time was positive and I had a natural time boundary of a lunch time appointment to keep. I had lunch with the outgoing chair of our SPRC and we reflected on her work and our future needs as a church. The afternoon was spent addressing To-Do list items – following up on a calendaring issue for Trustees, speaking with the technician who is doing the HVAC unit install for our church and preschool offices.

On days where I have evening commitments, I often leave my office about 3 to help with picking up my kids and recentering before a meeting — in this case Trustees. The meeting ran from 7  to 8:30. Of note this particular day, I received a call from a church member who needed some immediate pastoral care. I met this individual at a restaurant for about an hour that evening. As I said earlier – flexibility.


Gadgets/apps/tools that you cannot live without:

iPhone/iPad Air
I make heavy use of the calendar and OneNote. I am also not great with focus in silence – I use both playlists and a white noise app.
Apple watch to track appts and movement
Leatherman multitool


What’s your workspace set up like? (Do you do majority of work from office or do you work remotely):

A majority of my work is from the office. I have a dedicated space in a network of offices. I have my desk set up so that I can look down the hall and see/engage staff and visitors. it is also a space to help me not take my self quite so seriously. I have mini shrines to both Star Wars and Superman. Given some recent back issues – i have been leaving my laptop on my bookshelf to work from a standing position. I also keep an exercise ball in my office, so I am  not just sitting in the chair all day.


Best short-cut; life hack you use:

Invest time, planning, and energy on framing the first steps and framework of repeatable activities:
From my day – I put time into organizing how I store and organize items for running and cycling so they are easy to use and less prone to excuse making.
I organize my emails around prioritizing important needs.
The  forms I need for worship planning,  for funerals and weddings, for new members classes all make those repeatable and routine steps in ministry.
One lifehack  I am working on: If it takes less than  two minutes to do, Do it now. It is amazing how many simple mundane things are procrastinated on and then add up!
How do you keep track of what you have to do:
If it is not on my iphone calendar – it does not exist
Maintain a clean Email Inbox – try to be on one page of critical items
Set boundaries – I tell people on Sundays to email or call me if their need is important – I will not remember what you tell me midstream on a full day.


What’s one of the least favorite aspects of what you have to do:

I love people but I hate meetings. While a lay person may only have to attend one or two a month, as a supervising pastor, I move from meeting to meeting and they are a drain on my energy and resolve.


Passion/Side project of yours?

The Arts – it is a passion of my whole family. My involvement in musical theater for the last 5 years has been a great stress reliever and deepened connections within the community.


What gives you joy about your work:

Preaching and worship – I feel called to tell Christ’s story – I see administration as the exhaustive appendices to that great story.


Currently reading/ or anything you’d recommend one to read:

Currently reading:
Watching Over One Another with Love – using it as a monthly study for my SPRC
Compassion in Practice – latest book from one of my seminary heroes, Dr.Frank Rogers
The Disciple-Making Church – an almost 30 year old book that I am using as a companion to training in Discipleship Huddle Groups
From a Different Point of View – a collection of 40 authors takes on scenes from 1977 Star Wars A New Hope from a non-traditional point of view

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