The 2 Absolute Keys to Success

So we’re in month 3 of the church planting process.
One can’t help but think about success and what success is/looks like in this context and how you measure success.
Mostly, “success” tends to be measurable:
how much money did you bring in;
how many new customers;
how many returning/loyal customers;
how many sales per quarter;
net worth;

A lot of things that churches do aren’t measurable. But we try:
how many baptisms;
how many professions of faith;
how many on Sunday mornings;
how many giving units;
and so forth.

It doesn’t help a church to focus purely on numbers. But it also doesn’t help never focusing on the measurable either. Basically when it comes to church and “success”: it’s complicated.

But after much thinking and contemplating, I think I found the two keys; two secrets to success.

Here’s what I discovered to be the two secrets to success:

  1. Never reveal everything you know.

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