So, in the midst of editing Maundy Thursday service, Good Friday service, and Easter service videos (our church decided to prerecord everything instead of livestreaming), I accidentally deleted the edited video for my Easter sermonette and uploaded the unedited video (thankfully, it was my video I screwed up on, and not the other major service videos…)
You know — the one where I ramble and do retakes all in one shot because I know things will be edited out. I’m still cringing that that version went up.
Thankfully, by the grace of God, I didn’t say anything stupid, inflammatory, or curse in that unedited video. Sometimes, certain choice words come out of my mouth when I have to redo a phrase over and over…

So I reedited the Easter reflection and am reposting it and hoping something like that never happens again (and in case it does, I’m watching my language now any how…)

So here’s the Easter reflection. And then I linked the a BtS (Behind the Scenes) video with my son. He loves the microphone, which makes him a bonafide Korean pastor’s kid.

Thank you.

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