A Non-YouTube Video Update

Hello Readers!
I hope that this post finds you well.
I really do hope that you and yours are healthy and finding ways to manage this temporary new normal (emphasis on temporary, Dear God).

I haven’t written anything in a month.
And it showed.
I had a deadline due for Rethink Church and it’s only a 700-900 word article. (I say “only” because usually this blog is like 1k+ words — even when I try to keep it under 700….)

Man, was it a struggle.
I couldn’t focus (might’ve been because of writing from home — which is not my usual MO).
But also, I couldn’t find words to convey my thoughts nor string together sentences that I liked.
It was not like riding a bike. It took a good hour or so just to get the opening few sentences.

I went from trying to write 500 words a day (… had to scale down from 1000 words a day….) to not writing any (outside of my handwritten journal entries).

I need to find that rhythm again of writing because I’m afraid I’ll lose that rhythm for good. I don’t think I’m that great of a writer, to begin with. I think I have good days but mostly I have like a .296 batting average. (I had to google to see what the batting average average is in the MLB. Once in a while, I’ll have trash can lids banging to help boost up my average. Never forget: Astros cheated and despite what the Astros fans will bemoan: they got off easy). (OH — what the Astros did is far worse than what the Patriots did with Spygate and deflate gate was a bunch of BS. But don’t tell an Astros fan that…). But it something I definitely enjoy — a life-giving activity. And I was a bit perplexed at just how difficult it was to write last week after a month of not writing.

Anyway — this is a non update just to get familiar with the sound of my fingers hitting the keyboard once more. I’m not gonna even bother to check if there are any grammatical errors (I’m positive there are).

I do, however, want to take this time to say that you guys rock and are deeply loved.
This world is in a mess right now, however there are still glimmers of hope here and spotlights of hope there. There will be an end to this season.
Until then, you guys are doing a fantastic job — whether it’s being an essential worker or staying home and occupying yourselves or homeschooling your awesome kids or learning new hobbies or delving in on some binge watching or exercising or maintaining physical distancing or a combination of these and more…
Y’all are awesome.
And I hope you stay healthy and (somewhat) sane.

Peace of the Lord be always with you.

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