May 8 W(ednesday) 2019. Okay. I think I received the confirmation needed. I think all this road has led me to the path of becoming Episcopalian. Man I hope this goes through.

Two strange Lenten seasons in a row.
I hope 2021 is as normal of a Lenten and Easter season it can be…

During quarantine, I’ve been thinking a lot about the ‘what ifs’ — the ones I previously wouldn’t let myself dwell on — because I simply had a lot of time on my hands.

What if:
everything in Seattle went through and I was adjusting to life of being over-caffeinated…
I decided to say yes to the unknown situation that was being offered to me by Cal-Pac Conference…

I swallowed every instinct within me screaming ‘no’ and moved to East Texas…
I kept my mouth shut when the first appointment was given to me…
I kept my mouth shut and accepted the mediocrity that was and hoped that things would turn around sooner than later…

Ultimately, what if I was still traveling on the ship that is called the United Methodist Church?

Life would be… more familiar, for sure.
And I’d be bracing for the inevitable split that looms in the horizon of the “United” Methodist Church.

I can tell you what I’m 100% certain of:
I know I am where God has called me.
Getting to this point was challenging and draining and anxiety inducing, for sure.
But I got a lot of help from family and friends and huge helpings of God’s grace.

Ever since this day, 2019 I’ve received so many affirmations, confirmations, and reassurances of “The Transition.”
(Hey, sports has The Shot; The Catch; The Immaculate Reception; The Butt Fumble; the Decision… so why can’t I have one…)

Yea — it sucked witnessing all those doors I knocked on close… but maybe that was the only way for God to finally grab my attention. I generally refrain from saying harmful things like “everything happens for a reason” but you know… in this situation… I do like to think all that happened (including moving to Texas) was to lead me through the red doors of the Episcopal Church…

I do remember how extremely nervous I was writing “man, I hope this goes through.”
I, for one, am glad that it all went through…

One thought on “The TRANSITION.

  1. So very happy that your journey brought you to Pearland. Loved you at FUMCPesrland and love you still. May God continue to guide you.

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