First Day of School

That’s N going to school (on campus) for the first time since like March. Please do note the stylish socks-n-crocs thing he’s got going on.

It’s such a weird feeling, sending him to school.
At the time of writing this, I’m sitting at my desk where we’d have online school, staring at the window and feeling a tad bit anxious.
Still feeling hesitant and apprehensive about him being in school.
But I don’t know if there’s a better alternative.

Over the past two weeks, I started noticing how much he had regressed since March. And I was certain there was nothing more that we could for him while doing school online.

It’d be frustrating because I knew he knew the assignment/answer to the question.
But because he could feel my frustration, he’d get flustered. Because he’d get flustered, I’d get a bit more frustrated, which would make him more flustered. And then it was a time out for the both of us.

I wish there was more I could’ve done.
I wish he was thriving educationally when doing school from home.
But he’s stuck with a “teacher” that did the bare minimum to pass school (still with an A average, mind you, because A is for Asian).

I think, for education sake, we made the right decision in sending him back on campus. I do worry about him and hope he’s able to stay healthy as well as his teachers and classmates.

But what’s a parent if they don’t worry about their kids?

This is such a stupid timeline to be living in.
But I am grateful for people like his teachers who have gone above and beyond for their students.

Thanks for powering through all the grammatical errors. I hope you were still able to figure out what I was trying to say. You can say “why don’t you edit?” I do. Although, not thoroughly, obviously. I don’t have a valid reason of why one still finds errors.

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