It’s Happening.

TL;DR: I’m getting ordained as a deacon this Sunday (12/20) at 3:30pm (CST).
Due to the season we’re living in, we kept the in-person attendance to a very intimate crowd. However,
the service will be streamed on St. Andrew’s Facebook Page and/or St. Andrew’s YouTube Page.

God willing, about 6 months from now, I’ll be entering priesthood and hopefully it’ll be the last time I ever go through another ordination process.

I’m beyond grateful and excited that this is happening.

I’ve been comparing and contrasting this current ordination process and my UMC one.
That’s for another post(s)… I have a lot of words to write regarding the processes. So let’s save that for another time.

There was one question that stood out from the plethora amount of questions I was asked.
Someone wanted to be assured that I indeed felt like I was being called to priesthood and simply not trying to get a job within the Episcopal Church.
It was a valid question because earlier I mentioned that one of the biggest reasons of jumping ship was that with the UMC come July 1, 2019 — I wouldn’t have a job and with the TEC, I would.

I joked that going through a second ordination process was proof enough that I felt called to ordained ministry and not job hunting.

But it was an important question.
Because there was one point in time where I felt like this was the last thing I wanted to do.
That was the season I met my new District Superintendent. He asked me, “Where do you see yourself… what kind of ministry do you see yourself doing five years from now?”
I couldn’t think of an answer. Or rather the “right answer.”

I told him that I don’t think I see myself in parish ministry five years from now.
I wanna serve God, but I don’t know if I wanna serve God through the local church.
I was so frustrated and tired from/with parish ministry, I thought that was it.

Then when it look like that would be taken away from me — as Luke describes the prodigal son: I came to my senses. It was something I tried avoid the first half of my life… and I couldn’t.
I tried to avoid it again somewhere in the middle of my life… and I realize I shouldn’t.
Even when I feel like I’m done, God’s not done.

So here I am.
Going through a second ordination process.
With a bit more humility and tact, this time.
Taking things in rather than fighting my way through every single step.
And 6 months from now, I hope to be inviting you to be part of my ordination into priesthood.
But one step at a time.
There are too many people to thank during this chapter of my life. No way in hell… heaven…? … er.. there’s no way I could’ve gone through this without the help of generous, loving, and supporting people.

I’m going to officially be Reverend again. For better or worse.

One thought on “It’s Happening.

  1. I’m so Happy for you! I only wish I could be there.
    congratulations JoeπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™

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