He Don’t Wanna Know

I forget how good of a movie Remember the Titans was.

I was reminded of this scene after listening to Fake Doctors, Real Friends podcast.

The Donald Faison’s line: “Blue, He don’t wanna know” hit differently today.

When it comes to the plight and pain and suffering and oppression of persons of color, LGBTQIA people, people in the margins — I’ve encountered more people who simply don’t want to know rather than actually not knowing.

I remember a pastor telling a story about his visit to a impoverished country.
His host was taking him to a restaurant and en route, the host told him to try to focus on the beautiful parts of the country. The host said that because everywhere they went, there were people — particularly kids— following them trying to get something — anything — from this out-of-country visitor.

When they were sitting in the restaurant, the kids were gathering outside the window to the table, staring and hoping that the patrons will offer some food. The host called over the waiter and whispered something in his ear. The waiter then came and pulled down the blinds of the window so that the pastor and host could eat in peace.

I can’t remember what the pastor said after that story… but I remember thinking this is how we treat many of our problems (actually, that might’ve been his point): that when we’re confronted with something so uncomfortable, we’ll pull down the blinds to ignore it — it’s easier to preserve our comfort, the status quo, than it is to do confront it; do something about it.

We often choose not to know.
Because ignorance is bliss.
Being comfortable is far more appealing than being rattled and having our world views challenged. I get it.

But can we call ourselves disciples of Christ if we continue to choose ignorance?

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