Ordination Achievement Unlocked

So, this happened this past weekend (8/28):

This 2 year journey of turning in my credentials to the bishop of the United Methodist Church and working towards priesthood has officially come to an end.

But now, a new adventure begins.

This was a momentous weekend for the Yoo’s.
The previous day, my wife graduated from her chaplain residency program.
I cannot tell you how proud of her I am and what she has accomplished this year, in the midst of a global pandemic.

Wife graduated. I got ordained. My son just existed and consumed all the celebratory events, contributing nothing to the weekend. Hah.

Lots of people have asked do I feel any different.
I honestly don’t. The biggest difference, outside of now being able to celebrate the Eucharist, is that I get to add a “+” to the end of my name. Joseph Yoo+.
But, I just wanted to get the day over with.
I realize that all my graduations and the 4 ordination services I had to go through (Provisional Elder, then elder; transitional deacon, then priesthood), I treated it like a means to an end. Just lay the hands on me and give me the certificate.

I thought about the ordination process. It felt long, but it wasn’t that long.
To be the best of my abilities, I rolled with the punches during this entire process. I learned from the UMC days, don’t be cantankerously arrogant. Don’t be overly critical — especially if you don’t have solutions. Just listen and respond with tact and grace.
There were a few questions that were asked that annoyed the hell out of me, but I just smiled and answered. I don’t regret how I got through the UMC process, but I knew I’d do it differently if for whatever reason, I had to do it again. And I did. So I did it differently.

But you know. This one was just a little bit more special. And I made sure to take time to take it all in, here and there.
First off, no one else got ordained with me. This ordination services was for my, and only my, ordination.
It got to be all about me!!!!! And God. Haha.
My wife got to be part of the service, doing the Litany for the Ordinands and for the vesting. And my son was there.

He was all dressed up in a suit that didn’t quite fit him. His pants were tad bit small; the jacket tad bit big. He spoke really loud in the parts of the liturgy he knew; sang loud to the songs he knew; mimicked the bishop’s motion when it came to the Eucharist.
Oh. At the end of the service, he goes up to the Bishop and says, “I like your hat!”
This kid…

Overall, I’m simply grateful and humbled.
Grateful for St. Andrew’s and humbled by all the things they prepared and did for my ordination.
Grateful for the Diocese of Texas and humbled that they sought me fit to be a priest.
Grateful for my family and humbled by their tenacious love and support.

So here begins a new journey.



(also, don’t mind the grammar. I’ve been far too lazy to self-edit. I hope you knew what I meant instead of what I wrote in the parts where I may have made a mistake. English stay hard, yo).

2 thoughts on “Ordination Achievement Unlocked

  1. Joseph, I was just scrolling through mail today looking for something from you. As there was nothing new, I re-read a previous post. Yay! Congratulations! What a great day for God and for the Episcopal Church and for Rahel’s graduation and wow! I wouldn’t edit either. Your son is getting very tall! And yes, the Bishop does get a cool hat. I miss you my friend. Keep posting. Keep hoping. Keep going where God leads you. Laura King

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