How does that happen?
Where does the time go?

I mean, time does fly fast.
It seems just like yesterday when we picked up this little boy in Camarillo and drove down the 101 to get you home.

And now, you’re like this 4’10, 100lbs, shoe-size 8 man-child. Any minute now, you’ll be bigger than your mom.

It really isn’t fair how slow time goes when you’re young and just how fast time flies when you’re old(er).

Happiest of birthdays to the sweetest boy I know!
What an amazing journey it has been to see you grow!
The challenges you bring, forcing us to grow… but more importantly the joy that accompanies you everywhere you go.

Just once, I wish I enjoyed something as much as you enjoy trains. Or cereal. Or bubbles. Or… just life.
And it’s a sentiment that many people have shared with me: “I wish I could enjoy something as much as Nathanael enjoys _______.”

I’m soooo looking forward to your reaction when you finally get that Dash Robot you’ve been asking for like over a year now, I feel like.

The funny thing is, I’ve never seen you want anything like the way you’ve wanted this robot. You tried to get your aunts and uncles to buy it for you Tried to get your grandparents to buy it for you.
Tried to get anyone who’d hear you to buy it for you.
You usually let it go when you hear “no.” But nope. You held onto this. Dropping hints the best way you know how.
“Look Mommy, Dash robot on my iPad.”
“Daddy, Dash robot on YouTube.”

But it’s here.
You’ll get it tonight.
And if history repeats itself, you’ll play with it for a day or two and never look at it again… but still. I am worried that you might blow a fuse by how excited you’ll get knowing that this (small) dream of yours has finally come true.

Does that make you a tweener?
Boo. I don’t like that.
But there’s nothing I can do to prevent you from growing.
So I’ll do everything I can to make sure that you grow up to be the person you’re intended to be.
As much as I (over)worry and (over)fret about your future —I think you’ll do well.
You learned tenacity from your mom.
You were always funny, but I think you’ve gotten funnier cuz you learned how to be funnier from me. (And for those of you who just laughed reading this — I don’t care if it’s a laugh of scoff or a laugh with an eye roll — you laughed, which proves my point. I’m funny. Dammit).
Besides, more than that — I know that you will always have people who love you; a community in which you’ll belong to.
Throughout my life, while we may have lacked materials and money and what not here and there — we’ve always been surrounded by people and by love. We’ve always had people.
Or in the words of Dom from Fast n Furious: We have a family
(I actually don’t know if that’s what he says. I’ve only seen the first of …what…9? Fast n Furious movies and all the memes).

You have always been loved.
You are loved.
And you’ll always be loved.

Happy birthday, my dear boy.
I hope you’ll feel celebrated and loved — especially on this day; on your day.

2 thoughts on “E L E V E N

  1. This wonderful child got the very best set of parents any child could want. Happy birthday to all of you. Blessings, too….

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