Everyone and Their Mamas

Everyone and their Mamas have a podcast these days — Someone Somewhere has Said That

I jumped on the … well, it’s not really jumping on the bandwagon, because that wagon has long gone and everyone (and their mamas) are on it.

But, we have a new podcast.
Its main purpose is to host the sermons from our Sunday morning liturgy.
Except, these sermons are prerecorded. So you’re actually getting the final dress rehearsal of the sermon. Cool, right? Just kidding.

It does serve me two-fold, though: 1) I get a good run through of the message and a good feel for it and 2) people who can’t join our live stream have access to the message.

There are a few messages I wanna re-record so we may not be caught up on time (meaning, the previous Sunday’s message may appear a few weeks later). But it’ll get up.

The other thing I wanted to delve into in thought (not on this post, though) is this online community that I’ve been able to somewhat foster. But I’ll save that for another post when I have more word to put behind these thoughts.

In the meantime, it’s called Exvangelical Episcopalian
here’s the link: https://exvangelicalepiscopalian.buzzsprout.com.

You can find it on Spotify

It’s in the process of getting on Apple (I know in the intro, I plead to give it a rating on Apple’s platform. But give it a minute, it’ll get there).

And thanks for all the love and support.


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