A Conversation with the Other Yoo’s

Oh look at that.
Again, this blog gets neglected.

It’s not intentionally intentional.
It just happens.
I kinda understand why Bill Simmon no longer writes (because I love his writing) and only produces podcasts. Not that I’m anywhere near Bill Simmon’s multi-million dollar empire.

But I wanted to keep this blog alive and going… so I’m using it to guide y’all to the podcast… particularly this episode.

I got to sit down with my brother (Daniel) and his wife (Christine) to talk about their faith journey and their experience at a church they were part of for nearly a decade.
It was a lengthy conversation, but it was a good one (not to be biased or anything…)

So, here’s the link:
You can also find the podcast on any major platform (apple, google, Spotify) under Exvangelical Episcopalian.


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