The Stories We Tell: Bird Bird Bird, Bird’s the Word

I’m fairly certain I wrote about this before on this blog.
I had a deadline due for an article about the Holy Spirit for Rethink Church blog.
I’d figured why not kill two birds with one stone.
I was working on my book and decided to use a section of it for the article that was due.

You can read that article here.
What is the book about? you may ask.
I’ll get to that later — in a whole different post once the heavy lifting is done. So consider this a sneak peek.

The Powers that Be of Rethink Church decided to make this article into a paid advertisement (which, I am grateful for! More exposure!)
I discovered this when I was browsing through my Facebook feed and an ad appeared and I was like, “that sounds like something I’d write” which, I guess was a good thought because it was something I wrote. Then I saw that it had over 300 comments on it.

I figured, “Let’s not get any work done today and browse through the comments.”
Life pro tip: never browse through the comment section.
But I did.
And I was thoroughly entertained.
Below are some of my favorite comments.
I was gonna add my 2 cents on each of the comments and group them into categories… but in the words of blessed Sweet Brown: ain’t nobody got time for that!

The bulk of ire towards me was that I referred to the Holy Spirit as a “she” (enter dramatic and audible gasp here).

That’s a side effect of people thinking that the Bible was written in English.
Oh. and from the blatant misogyny that’s unfortunately rampantly present in our Church history and in the Church today.

Have a chuckle at the comments from trolls and pearl clutchers.
I didn’t take any of them personally.
Well, the only one I desperately wanted to respond to (and don’t worry, I didn’t respond to any of them) is the one that called me a “bird brain”: might mean your [sic] a bird brain

Like, if you’re gonna call me stupid, at least take time to check your grammar.

Did you make it this far down?
To be fair, there were handful of very generous comments, my favorite one from a New Yorker.

The other generous comment came from a Facebook post I made in one of my city’s Facebook group about a coffee shop’s slow response to a bug infestation. I apparently single-handedly shut down that coffee shop for a week. Words have power, I suppose. In that comment thread, someone took time to compliment how I wrote that Facebook post.

During the times I’m facing crazy writer’s block (like right now) it helps to have these comments to remind me that I am not the worst writer out there.

OH. and for those of you wondering, “How is Joseph still writing for a UMC publication when he’s no longer a UMC?”

They don’t know I’m an Episcopalian.

Just kidding.

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