2.99, are you out of your mind??

I mean, yes — but for reasons unrelated.

We’re getting geared up for the launch of the book which is less than a month away.
So we decided to run a little promo:
The preorder price for the e-book is 2.99! And don’t worry, if you already preordered the ebook (thank you very much, btw) it will be delivered to your Kindle (or e-reader) at 2.99!

Here is the link to preorder.

Currently, we’re sitting at #1 for new release in… Spiritual Biography. I feel like it’s a made up category just for me. But as my publisher said, “#1 is #1!”

We’re hoping and aiming for it to be #1 on 2/6, so you’re preordering will help!
For those of you waiting for the paperback, the link to order that will be live on 2/6.
Thank you for your continual love and support!

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