The Bloodline

Can I just take a moment to talk about sports entertainment industry, particularly the WWE? And this is more of the IYKYK crowd. I don’t have too much time to break down the storyline and the ppl involved.

The thing is, WWE has been killing it with the Bloodline storyline.
It has been intriguing and captivating and just… it gets you invested.

It’s been criticized that WWE cannot tell a long story in the recent years — but how they ended the Royal Rumble was just… I don’t know. It hit all the right notes and emotions.

This is why Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are two of the best in the industry.
And with the long arc of Jey Uso… this is one of the best — if not the best storytelling that WWE has done. Period.

I’m wholly invested and in a bit of fantasy booking, this is how I’d want the Elimination Chamber to play out.

You have a Bloodline vs. KO (Kevin Owens) and Sami Elimination Chamber right?
The first two is like KO and Solo and they beat the everliving crap out of each other.
The pod opens and it’s Jimmy Uso. So now Solo and Jimmy go to town on KO. Then pod #4 opens and boom, Sami to come make the save for KO. So it’s 2v2 now. But Solo and Jimmy have the upper hand since KO was already weakened.
Then pod #5 opens and out comes the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. They further incapacitate KO and they go to town on Sami. Roman makes Sami pay for turning on the Bloodline.

Then the countdown happens for the final door to open, and every person watching has been on the edge of their seats because the last person out is Jey Uso.
What does he do?
Does he stick with his bloodline and fall into place behind Roman, the Tribal Chief?
Does he finally break out of the strangle that Roman has had over him in the past year or two?
Remember — how much Jey disliked and distrusted Sami in the beginning, but recently, they’ve become brothers themselves? Does he help out his brother from another mother betraying his actual brother and family?

Geez louise.
This storyline is the reason why I still love wrestling.
I have thoroughly been sports entertained.
The Road to Wrestlemania is going to be fascinating when it comes to the Bloodline storyline.

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