The time has arrived, dear Reader!
The book is here!!!! and a day earlier!

Here is the link for the book!
You can still order the ebook for 2.99 but only for a limited time! And if you get the book, first of thank you! but I also have one more favor to ask of you:
Please leave a review on Amazon.

Below is the endorsement of Bishop Doyle, which I was grateful for.
But what left an indelible mark was the email he sent along with it. I’m gonna keep that one to myself, for now.

I have a lot of emotions, thoughts, and words swirling through my head. I’ll save that for another time.
But for a second — just for a minute — I’m gonna sit back and take it all in.
I can’t believe this moment has finally arrived!

Thank you for all your love and support!

Joseph Yoo provides a textured backdrop to a conversation about life and ministry for individuals and reading groups. He walks us through his journey to discover the saints of old through newly discovered Episcopal eyes. This is a book about his faith, calling, and discovery that he is continuously growing spiritually. With a delightful tromp through the lives of Saints, we have a refreshing invitation to become one. For that is part of what Yoo discovers: the mystery of sainthood is a “disposition of our hearts.”

C. Andrew Doyle, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and Author of Embodied Liturgy, 2021

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