What’s Up Doc?

I got me a pair of Doc Martens recently.
I didn’t realize they had made a comeback, but I saw a Dr. Marten’s store at the mall.
I remember how much I wanted them growing up.
But we couldn’t really afford it. And I was never the type of kid that would pester my parents to buy me something they were hesitant to.

Granted, I didn’t know how much my parents were struggling when I was a teenager.
But they did.
And they shielded us from their struggles.

Today, my wife and I are, financially, far better off than both sets of our parents ever were.
I guess that’s the dream, right?
Leave the home, people, and country they know to a foreign simply based on a dream that their children’s lives would be better there than here.

Years ago, I was sent to serve at a church in Santa Barbara.
By the grace of God, it was the church I attended youth group when I was a teenager.
The season in Santa Barbara was probably the most difficult for my parents since moving to the States.

I had this fond memory of Sizzler’s.
We used to go to Sizzler’s in Santa Barbara as a place for celebration.
All-You-Can-Eat salad bar.

It was a special place for a special occasion.
And since there was no Sizzler’s in Hawaii (where our family moved to after Santa Barbara), it kept its allure.

I had attended a meeting, and after the meeting was done, I was looking for a place to eat, when it dawned on me: this is where the Sizzler’s from my teenage years was!
I remember thinking, should I call my wife to let her know I’m gonna treat myself to something somewhat fancy and if she wanted to join me? She didn’t answer her phone. Her loss. I was gonna have me a steak from Sizzler’s and a baked potato.

I walked in… the place looked the same… except… it was… a Sizzler’s. I mean no offense.
Part of it probably was that I was in my 30’s now and what seemed magical as a kid seems ordinary now.
But also, by no means is Sizzler’s a fancy restaurant.

I sad-ate that steak.
Was it good? I mean, yea… for Sizzler’s… you know? And I mean no disrespect but it sounds very disrespectful, ya know?
What was an impromptu lunch for me at this stage of life, when I was a kid — it was a special event/occasion to go to the Sizzler’s.

I don’t know how my parents did it.
I don’t think I share their tenacity.
They struggled to survive so that we could thrive.
And I am forever grateful for all the sacrifices they’ve made on my behalf.

One of the ways their sacrifices manifested in my life today is that I wrote a book. How’s that for a segue? And yes, I’m still peddling books. … is peddling generally used with like… pushing illegal things, like peddling drugs?

Click here to purchase a book that an Amazon user wrote “Whatever our faith struggles may be, this book is a must read for any genuine seeker of divine truth.”

And if you could do me just one more solid, please leave a review on Amazon if you’ve already gotten the book.
Thank you sincerely.

And apologies for whatever grammatical errors you ran into.

One thought on “What’s Up Doc?

  1. I so wanted Doc Martens when I was a kid too, but alas, my own parents struggled too.

    Last April, for his birthday, my other half finally got his pair. They are still holding together well, better than any other shoe he’s ever had. He’s hard wearing on shoes, and it’s nice that they’ve lasted.

    And isn’t it funny how the big deal things from when we were kids are have lost their allure as adults?

    Love the way you write, by the way.

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