So much for wanting to keep this thing updated on a regular basis now that the book is done
But alas.
Life keeps happening.
The itch to write is there. But it’s not intense enough to scratch it. At least not yet. Or I’m just too busy and at max capacity with content output.

Anyway, just wanted to share with you what’s been happening.
In late February, Mosaic Episcopal Church was granted fellowship status in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.
Basically, what that means is — we’ve graduated from High School and now going off to college.
We’re kind of on our own and what not, but we still have the safety of our parents: The Diocese.

It’s the next official step of our life as an Episcopal community.
And we got to ring a bell.

Next Friday (31st), I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and competing in a storytelling contest.
My friend (who I just realized I’ve yet to meet in person) sent me this link and I submitted a story (with literally 2 minutes to spare before the deadline) never thinking I’d get selected as a finalist.
Well. I am a finalist, and along with 5 others, we get to tell our story in front of a live crowd and judges come Friday.
I didn’t get nervous or anxious about it until just now as I’m writing this.
Crap. hahaha.
I don’t think I’ll win. I’m not expecting to win. But I think this will be a valuable experience — any time you step away from your comfort zone, it’s a good learning experience.

If you’re in the Houston area, you can get your tickets here. The doors open at 7. Show starts at 730p. I think I go fourth.
Send positive thoughts and vibes my way.

Finally — if you are not aware, I’ve written a book and it came out in February. I haven’t been actively promoting it as I should be… but it’s out there, available on Amazon.
I can’t tell you for certain that it’s a good book — but I can tell you that I fully believe in — and am proud of — the stories I share in the book.

Thanks for reading!

And I can’t think of a decent closing line
Sooo… uh… good night and good luck or something.

One thought on “ROUND-UP o’ UPDATES

  1. I am just now getting a chance to read this, so I hope you did well! I’ve got your book in my “authors to buy as I have money” list!

    Stay magical and God bless!

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