What if I told you I was a mastermind? – Taylor Swift

Let’s face it.
I don’t have that deep of taste in music.
If you judge someone by their musical taste, then you’d discover that I’m a simpleton.
Like — I tried liking Radiohead. But I don’t. I can’t. I don’t get. Give me a pop-melodic ear worm and I’m content.

Also, I’ve noticed that in this season of my life, I’m venturing further and further away from hip hop and more and more into alternative and acoustic stuff. I don’t know what that means.

I got the privilege to see Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour on the last night she was in Houston (also her 13th show of the tour).
I went with our church’s musician, Nick:

It all started because I was telling Nick, at church, that Taylor Swift’s Midnights was the first vinyl record I bought for the new record player Rahel got me (based on Nick’s recommendation.) We then spent the next 5 minutes or so fanboying over TS.
Then the following, Nick and I were generously gifted with tickets to go see Ms. Swift herself.

It really was an experience.
Truly a mastermind.
I have to admit, before the show started as Nick and I were walking into the stadium, there was a pang of guilt that neither my wife nor my son were with me. I know Nathanael would’ve loved it. He’s the second biggest Swifty in our household.
Right now, he’s on a kick of three songs when we get in the car. Btw, he’s sitting shotgun now when it’s just me and him in the car. He’s getting so big, I don’t like it. I taught him how to pick songs on Apple CarPlay, which I regret. Every car ride — and I mean every time we get in the car he chooses (in order): Angel Baby by Troye Sivan, then Untouchable – Taylor’s Version by Taylor and then What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction.

But as soon as the show started, miraculously the guilt went away (only to linger a bit after the show).

I know I’m getting old because after about an hour of standing up, my back started to cramp, so I had to sit.
Most of the folks around us stood for the entire 3 hrs of the show.
And the screaming. It wasn’t just the teenagers. The older women were just as loud as the younger ones. Whatever concert I go to next, I’ll need to bring earplugs.

It really was a fantastic experience (and my date was decent.. haha) and I’m forever grateful for the Cole family to gift me with such an opportunity,

I thought I was gonna spend a lot more time writing about this… but I’m out of words. And I think I wrote about us being Swifities in previous posts.

With that said, I’m still out here promoting a book. Albeit, not too well.
The link to the book is here

Also, here is how you can help out without spending any more money after buying a book. I had half a mind to say “how to support authors with no money without spending any money” but it got too wordy. Also completely stole this (with permission) from a dear colleague, David Peters+

And thank you always for your support and love and prayers.

One thought on “Eras

  1. I followed you on your socials because of a post, and your book is in my wish list for when I have some funds to spend (if I bought every book I wanted to now, I’d be broke…. well, more broke than I sometimes am already!)

    As for music, I find my tastes depend on my mood and what iI am doing, so one will find a eclectic mix of stuff on my playlists. Pop is always a go to when I need to move…. Radiohead and other stuff if I am writing certain scenes…. So no judgement here!

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