• Church and I

    Where do you see yourself five years from now? When it comes to work — I have a hard time answering that question. Especially when I look at the people around me and I (feel like I’d) know for a fact where they would be in five years. I sort of envy that. My senior pastor — 5 years… Continue Reading

  • JJ Watt and the Church

    When the church gets it right — it’s so empowering. And I cherish those moments and store them in a box in my heart to dive into when I get discouraged. The Washington Times recently published a story about how Christians outpaced FEMA in aiding Harvey and UMCOR (United Methodist Commission on Relief) got a shout out.… Continue Reading

  • Quick Update

    Some of you who have been subscribed to this blog through email might’ve noticed the sudden updates. I apologize for that. After several months of transferring from WordPress to Medium — I decided to come back to WordPress as it allowed me a little bit more flexibility in things I want to do. The catch… Continue Reading

  • Guardians of the Status Quo

    here are many times where I’ve frustratingly asked, “Why are we so afraid of the future?” Not only are we afraid of the future — we struggle to live in the now. What we do, instead, is we hold on to the past. We white knuckle everything, grit our teeth, stand our ground, and convince ourselves that… Continue Reading

  • ESPN and the Church

    So I rarely write something and then publish it the same day. It’s usually a safe-guard measure — to at least make sure if I’m writing something that’s close to me that my emotions are in check. It’s also a practical measure to correct any spelling or grammatical mistakes. (I do proofread my stuff before posting. I… Continue Reading

  • #ParentingFail

    I can’t pinpoint the moment I knew that spiders would always send a cold shiver down to the depths of my soul. Our first year of marriage, we found a spider bigger than the size of my hand (the size of my full hand) waiting for us, chilling on our wall. Usually my wife takes… Continue Reading