Salary Cap

Would it be wise to impose a salary cap of some sort for our denomination so that we avoid being like the MLB?
The way I see it, a lot of rural churches would have a hard time trying to get pastors who served in suburban area, because the salary package may differ completely.
I’ve also heard that it is a difficult transition from those who have conference level jobs back to local churches because of financial reasons. Apparently conference jobs pay more than local churches. But that’s what I hear and don’t know if it’s true.

But there is truth in that if a pastor is making X amount of money at one church, and is asked by the cabinet to move to the another church where the salary may be 4-7000 dollars less than the first church, financially, that’s a difficult decision to make.

Of course, with all this said. Regardless of the money we make, God will always provide. And our decisions to accept appointments should never be about the salary packages. Even the birds don’t worry about what they will eat. How much more precious are we than the birds?

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