Parishioners Say the Darndest Things

I’m sure everyone has had church members come up to you and say some silly things. Here are a few of mine:

“I’m so glad you speak English!”

An elderly woman, at the “handshake” line after service: “Can I rub your chest?” My wife’s (who was standing next to me) response: “Only if he can rub yours!”

“When we heard that we were getting an Asian pastor, I was worried that you’d be so quiet. But you’re definitely NOT quiet!”

“Oh you’re Korean? I know Koreans! I’ve fought in the Korean War!”

“Can you tutor my son in Math and English?”

“Man, do you eat that kimchi s*** too!?”

“Habakkuk? You made that up! That’s not in the Bible!”

“So, what do you really do outside of Sundays?”

Kid: “What’s your job?”
Me: “I work at the church!”
Kid: “This is your job?!? It must be so easy!!”

Elderly man: “I just want to welcome you to America!”
His wife: “Oh, honey! He’s been here for over 20 years!”
Elderly man: “Oh… But, still…”

Wanna share yours?

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