Breathe (Photo credit: sausyn)

As I am praying and preparing for the next ministry opportunity here at St. Mark UMC, this entry in my personal journal from about two weeks ago served as a good reminder.

Time is not running out.


Don’t focus on the results, instead focus on the journey that you are on. Pay attention to the wonderful things that is happening to you and all of us on the journey. Because, you can’t control the outcome. You can’t predict the results. You can’t really force your goals to be met.

All you can do is do your best following the path God has us on.

So, be faithful and diligent in leading the people to God’s vision. Not yours. Never yours.

All the while, fully and wholly trust in God.
And when you take things to prayer, have the courage and faith to pray, “God, may your will be done, not mine.”

If we seek God and God’s Kingdom first and foremost, everything else will fall into place. Be prepared to understand that that may mean things will end up in a way that you did not expect. But live in the knowledge and trust that God knows infinitely more than you do. Because you’re not God.

Be strong. Be courageous. Be bold!

Be faithful. And be in prayer.

God is with me. God is for me.

God is with us. God is for us!

Breathe and enjoy the journey God has us on!

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