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Recently, I bought a Leuchtturm 5 Year Journal. It was, by far, the most expensive journal I have ever bought ($30).

But it's supposed to last you 5 years and gives you just a little bit of space per day.
I've been using it as a daily prayer journal. I've always liked writing my prayers down. I don't know why — and yes, I started doing this way before the movie or the book “The Help” came out (one of the main characters writes her prayers down as well).

I guess one of the reasons why I do it is, for one, it helps me to pray. I know that prayer should be automatic for us pastors. I can't speak for anyone else, but for some odd (and bad) reason, prayer is one of the first things that I forget to do. For reasons I can't really explain, journaling just helps me to remember to pray.

Another reason is that I enjoy looking back at my prayers weeks; months later. I like to see where my state of mind and soul were . I like to see how God answered my prayers because I learned that a lot of my prayers were answered, just not in the way I hoped, expected, or wanted it them to be answered.

With this new journal, I don't have that much space to focus on prayer requests. But it's a good thing, because often times, we treat prayer no differently than our wish list on Amazon. It helps me to frame my thoughts; my relationship with God; overall, reflect on who God is in my life.

I've had the journal for about a month and already there are days that I missed in my attempts to daily write my prayers. Looking back, I have to ask — what the heck? What was so wrong with my day that I didn't take time to pray? And usually, it takes me about 10 minutes (pray silently; write down as I pray; pray silently) — because the space I'm given is limited. How whack were my priorities that day that I did not pray? There's never a legitimate excuse. As Bill Hybels said, “If you're too busy to pray, you're too busy.” Yes, I do feel guilty about those empty slots in the journal. But bigger than the guilt, I am given a chance to correctly prioritize my day for the following day.

I can't overstate how important and vital prayer is to my (and everyone else's) soul, life, and faith journey. Unfortunately, I just need all the help I can get to remind me to pray. Journaling my prayer has helped immensely and I'd recommend everyone to keep a journal of their prayers.


2 thoughts on “Prayer Journal

  1. Hi Joseph my name is Jonathan Hester and I have a very unique request. I’m a new Youth Pastor in Mississippi and I ran across your blog while googling around to try and answer a question I had about my role in the Church. I know this is out of no where but I would really like to talk with you (however you would like) if you have some time. Thank you for your time.

  2. Joseph, Agreed… I started doing that about 20 or more years ago .. In my margins and blank pages in my Bibles … The journals are the way to go.. I have a mini library of Prayers to see how God moved .. It is a real faith builder… I journal about 10 to 12 pages a day .. in about an hour… Sometimes when I am at Starbucks journaling I have the young adult kids I know come read upside down across from me… sometimes I leave them for them to read… The number 1 thing a new person reading my journal says… Is : ” You told God that? or You said That to God? My answer is always the same …. He knew what I was thinking before I wrote it and we are that close… When I journal He is right there with me .. I feel His presence and sometimes even His touch… I smell His fresh aroma like something sweet so often… The kids are mesmerized listening to the closeness that we can all have , if we just talk to Him and get to know Him….. I hope you understood what I said… I am not a very good writer .. but God understands every word I pen to Him … and He doesn’t ever get down on me about Spelling… hahahahahah God Bless you.. and I enjoy your emails , blog or whatever you are writing … very real…Thanks ,


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