Encountering Grace — A Shameless Plug

Just taking the time to shamelessly plug myself. On my blog. As if I need more attention…

The Bible study I wrote about grace for the Converge Bible Studies is now available to purchase on the Converge website and Cokesbury’s website. It’ll be available on Amazon real soon.

My church graciously used the “Practical Prayer” (the first study I wrote) for one of their bible studies and I received a lot positive feedback. But that has less to do with me and more with the person leading the Bible study (It wasn’t me. C’mon, I’m not that guy) and the questions that accompanied each session (4 sessions in all). My church was raving about the questions and congratulated me on writing such excellent and discussion leading questions. But I didn’t have anything to do with the questions — that was all the editors doing. And they were great questions. I don’t think the study would’ve been good if I wrote the questions myself.

I think this goes the same for “Encountering Grace.”

The questions following the sessions are really great and can be really useful as discussion starters.

So, if you are looking for a bible study to do with your church or something to do for your quiet time, may I shamelessly suggest to you “Encountering Grace” that can be purchased here or here (or Amazon some time next week).

There are other great bible studies that Converge has put out (like Shane Raynor’s “Being Holy”) and will continue to release throughout the year. Great resources and studies for your small group and bible study groups. Please check them out!

…but start with mine first ;).


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