So I’m not like a potterhead Potterhead.
I’ve read all the books (including the Curse Child). But I have not watched any of the movies.

I do know that I am a Slytherin (are you surprised…?), the white stallion is my patronus, and that my wand is a laurel wood with a dragon heartstring core.

And I know that the Potter-Franchise recently has let us down a bit. Well, the creator of the Potter-verse, that is.

But that’s not what I wanted to touch on today.
I just wanted to give a shout out to this outstanding guy I know: Macoy.

He just opened up an online store called Silver’s Wand and he custom makes wands. (I also heard he’s a helluva quidditch player, but I can neither confirm nor deny those rumors).

Of course, I had him make me one.
I told him to think of a tiger when he makes my wand.
The result?

He puts a lot of effort, thought, and love and figurative sweat and blood (hopefully) into each wand he makes.

So, go check out his site. (Silverswands.com)
If you have a potterhead in your circles, it’d be a nice and neat Christmas present or a birthday present or a just-because present or a treat-yo-self present.

PS. I also like the box it came in.

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