At the time of writing this, I just submitted my manuscript and now we’re wrapping up the content editing phase and moving to the copy editing phase.

I’m mentally fried.
I usually have long posts on my birthday reflecting on the year that was and dreaming about the year that’ll be.

But not today.
In fact, I bet my future self won’t remember that I wrote this post and had it scheduled to go live on my … his… birthday.

But happy birthday.
Remember, you’re not doing as bad as you think. Nor are you doing as well as you think.
Just keep moving forward.
Be kind. Be loving. Be a good example for your son. Be a good partner and spouse. I don’t have to remind you about being a good son, because you already are. I know your back hurts from carrying the load of being a good son in your family because we all know Daniel… hahahahaha

Take care of yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically.
Enjoy life, particularly the small moments.
It’s always in these small moments that God’s presence can be found — because we’re paying attention.
Listen. Listen to the stories that Creation has to tell.
Oh my goodness… I almost went the laugh live love route… so we’ll just stop here.

Here’s to the year that was.
Here’s to the year that this’ll be.
To God be the glory.


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