Old Couple Tries To Steal My Car

Okay, not really. It was just a coincidence. If anything, I startled them more than they startled me.

It all happened last weekend at Ikea. (Note to self: avoid Ikea at all costs. It’s so big and like a maze in there!)

So, I’m in the parking lot looking for my car. I see my car, and I use my remote alarm thingy (is there an official name for that thing?) and sure enough the horn goes off and the lights blink, letting me know, yes, it is my car.

As I make my way to my car, I see an elderly gentlemen opening the door to my car, and his wife making her way to the passenger side.
I said, “hey, excuse me, what are you doing?”
And he jumps and looks at me and looks at the car, and looks at me and says, ‘oh, this isn’t my car!” And his wife, irritated looks at him and says, “what? this isn’t our car??? Where’d you park it then? It’s getting cold!”

Turns out, they also drive a silver honda accord. And he thought it was his car because as soon as he pressed the unlock button in his remote alarm thing, the car responded by honking and lights blinking.
So we both pressed our buttons in around the same time.

I offered to help them look for their car, and he said, it’s okay. The wife looked at me and rolled her eyes, annoyed at her husband.

It was funny.

2 thoughts on “Old Couple Tries To Steal My Car

  1. That is a coincidence.
    I remember when I bought my blue coupe, I had parked at the mall.
    I walked over to a blue four-door version and tried to open it. Then I saw the back door and promptly had a millisecond freak out (ohnowhatdoyoumeanwhydidn’tIgetacoupe?whywouldIgetasedan?).
    I was pretty embarassed that that was the first thing that popped into my head instead of… whoops, not my car.

  2. i once tried to get into a car that i thought was mine (i don’t have a fancy clicker thing, just a key). turns out they had parked two spots closer to shop than myself on the same line of parking lot. same car color and almost equally messy.

    not having a key that worked kept me out of their car.

    reminds me of a story of my parents. my dad gets rental cars all the time for his work. when the clicker thing was new my mom & he walked up to a car in the parking lot and he said to her something like “watch this!” clicked the clicker thing and some car three or four rows over started going bizerk. a good laugh for my mom

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