Break from Routine

There’s no denying that we are all creatures of habit and creatures of routine.
There’s comfort in having a routine. It’s almost like we’re controlling aspects of this world that is by no mean controllable.

And when we are forced to break routines, there’s a bit of uneasiness that often translates into us being grumpy and surly. (Or at least for me). We don’t like interruptions. Interruptions remind us that we’re not in control of our lives.

But I’m reminded that Jesus’ ministry was filled with interruptions, and it was during those interruptions where a lot of ministry happened.
Could you imagine Jairus, not only able to get Jesus’ attention, but have Jesus come home to save his dying daughter?
And as Jesus is following Jairus to his home, Jesus stops, and asks who touched him in the sea of people?
Even Peter, though he’d never say it aloud, probably that this was a ridiculous question and that Jesus was wasting his time. Who touched him? People are everywhere, it could be anyone. Why did it matter?

And if Peter, Jesus’ disciple is thinking that Jesus is wasting his time trying to figure out who touched him, how would Jairus feel? His daughter is dying, for Christ’s sake!
And as soon as the lady comes forth, and Jesus acknowledges her faith, news came that Jairus daughter had died. What was Jairus feeling? Was he angry? Was he angry with Jesus for taking such a long time? Was he angry that the woman stopped Jesus’ path, and caused this unnecessary interruption?
But Jesus taught Jairus a tremendous lesson in faith. “Just believe” he would tell Jairus.
Even in the midst of this unwanted interruption that led (briefly) to the death of Jairus’s daughter’s death, Jairus was still able to understand who Jesus was.

Or what about the time, during Jesus’ sermon in Mark, a demon possessed man broke the routine of a Sabbath morning at the synagogue. Everyone walked away amazed at what they had witnessed, as a result from this unexpected interruption.

I guess my point is, we shouldn’t rely so much on our routines and habits. Especially if we’re in ministry. It’s easy to get caught up in how we do things and how we operate, that we become stuck in that one gear.
To practice what I am blogging about, currently, I’m at a completely different Starbucks. I know it doesn’t sound much, but this Starbucks has a completely different feel to the one I visit right across the street from our apartment. But, being at a different setting than what I’m used to has forced me to open my eyes (and my heart) and brought me to the story of Jairus, and the fact that Jesus’ life was anything but routine.
And sometimes, God is probably just continuously trying to get our attention to break away from our routines and (often) monotonous lives so that we may hear God’s voice and calling, which, I think is safe to say that we ALL know that there’s nothing routine or monotonous about hearing God’s call.

Do something different. Even if it’s as small as going to a different place to hang out.

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