Feeling Forced

Those of you who have a blog, and it’s not a source of income, do you ever feel like you need to write a post?

My mind’s been elsewhere all week. I’m leaving for Annual Conference. And then DC.

And, I haven’t really had thoughts I could string together to make a coherent and semi-interesting post.
Then, I realized that I haven’t written anything for a bit, and that I should post something to keepĀ  my commitment of at least one post a week.
But then, it feels like homework and doesn’t sound as fun.

What it really boils down to, as well as everything else in my life, is my connection with God.
Because my mind’s been else where, I haven’t really been faithful in my devotional times with God.
And the longer I continue at this rate, the more things get clogged, like my thought process.

Everything flows better in my life, when I’m more intimately connected with God.

I know this, yet I still get lost in my busyness and laziness.
One wonders if I’ll ever learn.

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