Stealing Candy (or a Shoe) From Kids

I don’t know if that gif is going to work… but in case it doesn’t, here’s the video:

But here’s the scenario: Donald Driver, a Green Bay Packer, is tossing his shoe at a young fan after his charity softball game. The shoe is clearly meant for the kid wearing the 85 jersey. But the woman, holding a homemade Dancing With the “Stars” trophy (in reference to Donald Driver winning Dancing with the “Stars”) physically wrestles the shoe away from the kid.

I would like to think, if I were in that situation, something would click in my head and say, “Wait, I’m a grown man. I shouldn’t be physically wrestling with this kid for the (shoe)!” But… what if it was someone like Michael Jordan? Still, I would strongly like to believe that if it was between me and a kid, and the kid had it in his possession, like the shoe, I would back off… or at least give it back to the kid after I successfully wrestled it away from him. Yes, I think it’ll be different if it was in my possession and the kid tried to wrestle it away from me. Then, I wouldn’t feel at all guilty giving him a stiff Heisman Trophy arm to his face. I’m kidding. Sort of…

While as repulsive I felt watching the woman wrestle the shoe away, I also feel a little bad for her. The website where I found this story ( ran an update. They found out the woman’s name, and saw that she had posted a picture of her with the shoe on Facebook, which I’m sure led to a lot of flaming, bashing and trolling, because she had taken her Facebook page down (but the flaming and bashing continues on Deadspin’s site). Not only that, the story, I believe, was also ran on the local news. I wouldn’t be surprised if catches on nationally on shows like Sportsnation where they dedicate a segment on jeers in the sports world.

Much to his credit, Donald Driver is looking for the kid’s name so that he can contact the kid.

I just know that fighting with a kid for a souvenir/memento/memorabilia Taking anything from a kid is a lose-lose situation. Especially in today’s world where anything can become viral.


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