Houston, We Have Lift Off

I wrote a few weeks back that the Yoo family is in a season of transition.
Now we are able to share with you in detail of that transition.
We are transferring out of the Cal-Pac Annual Conference and into the Texas Annual Conference. (There’s a upcoming post talking about why we are transferring conferences).

We strongly felt that God was leading us into this direction and everything that happened only affirmed and confirmed that. I know it also has to be God behind this because I stated to God and to people who have ears, “I’ll never live in Texas.” Never say never to God, I suppose.

We are grateful for the Texas Annual Conference for receiving us and, especially, grateful for Rev. Duffin who helped us tremendously in our season of discernment.

I’m saddened to be leaving the great and loving folks of St. Mark UMC and the city of Santa Barbara. It’s bittersweet leaving behind the great friends I’ve made along the journey here at Cal-Pac and California. Though greatly saddened by leaving St. Mark, in complete honesty, there’s a small, but sure, sense of relief in transferring.

We are excited to be starting a new season in our lives in Texas.
I’m looking forward to connecting with new friends and clergy and reconnecting with the great folks I’ve already met.

I am thoroughly excited to be serving as an associate pastor of First UMC of Pearland. I look forward to working with the staff of Pearland and very excited to be working with Pastor Keith Whitaker. I’ve not only heard great things about him, but really enjoyed our conversation that we had at a Starbucks near the airport. I’m excited about the mission and vision of the church and the vision that Pastor Keith has for the church and community. And I seemingly can’t find any other word to use besides “excited.” I’m also thrilled (thank you, thesaurus.com) about serving in the  city of Pearland that is seemingly very diverse. I’m enthusiastic (you’re on fire, thesaurus.com) about the opportunities (and, yes, the frustrations) that will come with serving such a diverse city/community. But I am ready for the challenge.

The Cabinet is currently working on finding an appointment for the Wife and N is cleared to make the trek to Texas with us, even if don’t finish the adoption process here in California. So all is good, thanks be to God.

Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare for the transition, especially when it comes to the logistics of the physical, actual move.

I can’t say I’m 100% ready for Houston. But hey, I feel it’s also fair to say that Houston ain’t 100% ready for me. 🙂


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